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Keep in mind we will never use them to inflate the market / prices when searching on the or to manipulate that!

About the Policy

We hope you are feeling more confident, after reading all this. Along with our Terms of Service and Privacy policy. We take care of your private information. 

How do we use Cookies?

Cookie policy

When you are surfing on the web, various adverts will be showing to you.
When you are using our services, you might also see some ads about when you are on other websites. It makes shopping more relevant and personal. We optimize the ads specially for you. It may include some details what you have searched before on All private details are not used like contact details. 

What are cookies?

Cookie policy

 Cookie is a small piece of data that is placed on your laptop, phone or tablet via a website on request when you visit a website. This is only for a limited period of time. Cookies are designed to remember important surfing information on the web.

Are Cookies bad?

Cookie policy

Cookies are not bad, not at all! They help us to remember the information that you like, how you search the web, what language and currency you prefer. That’s why maybe our promotion ad with your date and routes information will pop up for your dream holiday. We’ll optimize our services more and the quality of shopping will be better for you. Quality is everything. With cookies we can test, update and analyse and provide the best product to your needs. 

Advertising with cookies

Cookie policy

We try to make it as personal as possible. We transfer information as the hotel or flights you have searched for, also the dates and with how many people you are travelling. To optimize our ads on Facebook we do share some information to make it more convincing  for you. You will get a promotion for Spain flights because you were interested in that 2 weeks ago. This is according the Facebook Privacy Policy .

Choose your cookies!

Cookie policy

Access our service for the first time and you will see the pop up ‘Cookies’ We ask you if you are ok, that we are using your cookies in line with the policy. If you don’t agree, or change your mind at a later stage? Change the settings and limited your cookies. Most websites accept cookies by default, you are able to change that setting. Please check ‘Help’, ‘Edit’ or ‘Tools’ in your browser. 
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Do you prefer more information how we use cookies on the website or do you have any question about our policy please contact us