10 Top Destinations To Celebrate Christmas

10 top Destinations to celebrate Christmas

"all I want for christmas is...."

Remember that feeling going on holiday for Christmas or newyear? See all the streets covered with colourful lights. Everyone getting ready for the holiday’s and shopping the last great things to spoil the family.

Whether you’re dreaming of an exotic beach holiday or a white Christmas to celebrate the festive season. There are so many lovely destinations around the world to visit to make it this season unforgettable. Every country will shine in the december month.

Time to share the most wonderful destinations to celebrate the festive season in style with lot's of love and beautiful views!

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Onlyflycheap Christmas in London

10. christmas in london

Did you ever think about Chirstmas shopping in London? What about celebrating Christmas day in London 2019? Trafalgar Square is decorated with an amazing big Christmas tree with twinkling lights. You can’t miss it.

Enjoy winter wonderland in London and go Ice skating and after that warm up with some afternoon tea. In England you are never sure about the weather, but there is a change of a white Christmas in London. 

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Best places to spend Christmas in europe Madeira

9. christmas in Madeira, Portugal

Is Madeira nice to visit during Christmas? Holiday destination Madeira. To me, one of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe, a perfect winter holiday. It provides an fantastic climate, good value for money and lot’s to do and see. Explore the history and after that go relaxing at one of the natural sea lava pools around Porto Moniz.

Madeira is a stand-out holiday destination you can enjoy year-round. See our lastminute winter deals via the link below. It is an amazing experience.

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8. christmas in paris

l’amour Toujour! Paris, the most romantic city I know. Book a long weekend away and celebrate the festive season together. The Eifeltour will change in many different colors at night.

To expensive for you? Book a hotel just out of town, the metro will take you to the center in less than 15 minutes.
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Chiristmas in Disneyland paris with Onlyflycheap

7. christmas in disneyland, Paris

Disney stories will come to life during the festive season. There is nothing more magical than Christmas at Disneyland Paris. Enjoy the most romantic time of the year, ideal for a perfect winter holiday! Celebrate it with Mickey and Mini Mouse and watch the beautiful parade on main road.

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Christmas in Thailand

6. Try something else: Thailand

Christmas is getting more populair every year in Asia. It isn’t a traditional holiday. Unwind and relax on the beach with a cocktail in your hand or at least celebrate the holiday season, in other ways.

                                                      Tip: Stay on one of the Island, Krabi Kho Tao

In Bangkok you will find all decoration and twinkeling lights in the street. In the fancy restaurants there will be serving a special Christmas menu but why not trying something else? Do not expect stuffed turkey or gammon but try a hot pot or a garlic peper pork and shop silk scarfs long elegant clothes.

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Christmas in Greece

5. Christmas in Greece

Where to spend Christmas in Greece? Crete, is your best bet if you planning to escape the winter, with an average of 15 to 21 degrees. Perfect to do some sightseeing and enjoy the winter sun together with the family or enjoy a Greek Christmas boat trip.

                                                          Tip: Celebrate Christmas on Greek Island!

In Athens you will find lot’s of people on the street, restaurants and pubs. Shop till you drop in the city center of Athens. It is like New York, Berlin or Paris and even better: All in walking distance from the city center. (Expect high Sales just after New year.) After that enjoy the view on the roof of Athens Marriot Hotel and see the historical Acropolis of Athens.

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4.Winter sun in lanzarote

A favourite of the Canary Islands and one of Spain’s most-loved holiday destinations Lanzarote. Phenomenal Spanish island and amazing for a 10 day break, whatever time of the year. During the festive season, chill on the shores of the Atlantic ocean, have a fruity Sangria with a 1 million dollar view over the ocean.In just a few hours you will be here from AMS or London. If you ask me, one of the best Christmas destinations Europe.                                                    

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Christmas at Costa Blanca

3.Winter holiday Destination Costa blanca

Soft, sandy beaches stretch around 200 kilometres along Spain’s ‘White Coast’. Resorts like Benidorm – the good-times magnet with a busy town and all-lit-up after-dark scene – and the old fishing village of Calpe are just part of the fun. Think traditional towns and lapping waves, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Christmas destination Gran Ganaria

2. Eternal spring, Gran Ganaria

Keep in mind, Gran Canaria is not particulary hot during the winter months. The Canaries Islands are also called the “islands of eternal spring”, but February is still the coldest month, with temperatures around 24°C in the sun. 
                                                           Tip: Discover Gran Canaria on the back of a Camel

Beautiful to discover the dunes of Maspalomas on foot or try a full dessert experience on a guided camel tour. Head west of the dunes where you can cool off in a natural pool.

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Christmas destination Tenerife
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1. Dazzling holiday destination Tenerife

You’ll have such a top time in magical Tenerife that it’s been stamped as number 10 in TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Destinations in Europe. The winter in Tenerife are great, full sun and chilly at night for a good night of sleep. 

Will it be hot enough during the winter months in Tenerife? Sun seekers will adore it, I did some research and even in winter there will be over 6 hours of sunshine with an average temperatures around 22 degrees during the Christmas vacations.

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